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ArcMail Provides Insight Into Enterprise Archiving Best Practices with Complimentary Gartner Research
Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 02:50:25 PM

Archiving Solutions Leader Debuts Inaugural e-Newsletter Featuring Gartner Archiving and Retention Research.

Bossier City, La. -- July 17, 2013 -- ArcMail Technology, Inc. today announced the availability of its new ArcMail Enterprise Archiving e-newsletter titled “No File Left Behind: Information Governance In An Evolving Business World.” Featuring a complimentary research report from Gartner titled “Organizational Collaboration and the Right Retention Policies Can Minimize Archived Data and Storage Demands,” the e-newsletter is now available at no charge and can be downloaded at

The premise behind the newsletter is that data is essential to the growth and success of business, but it’s also what keeps IT leaders up at night, presenting a constant array of challenges. From locating an email attachment or a tweet from six month ago, to addressing critical compliance issues and being able to quickly respond to e-Discovery requests, organizations today are demanding more effective enterprise archiving solutions that protect their valuable digital assets and provide peace of mind at the same time.

“We’re pleased to offer our customers and prospects best-practice archiving advice from the industry’s most recognized authority as well as from our own highly respected archiving experts,” said Rory Welch, ArcMail CEO. “What the newsletter makes clear is that when it comes to archiving, there are many choices organizations can make, and our belief is that you need to find a comprehensive approach that addresses a wide range of data types – from social media, to collaboration and file system data, to email and more – as well as everything from cloud, to on-premise and hybrid storage strategies.”

According to the Gartner research report included in the newsletter, “shifting approaches in data governance are enabling organizations to minimize their data retention periods.” In addition, it states that “regulatory and legal discovery demands are driving IT to archive a wider variety of data types” and that “vendors are responding to enterprise needs by introducing more comprehensive enterprise information archiving technology solutions.” To address these trends, ArcMail offerings are designed to archive, protect and quickly retrieve data in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid or virtualized environments. The ArcMail solutions work with a wide range of data types including social media, email files (from Google Apps Gmail, to Office 365, Exchange and other platforms), attachments, SharePoint™ data,™ Chatter data and file system data.

ArcMail Demonstrates Industry Leadership and Expertise

In offering the new e-newsletter, ArcMail is continuing to demonstrate its industry leadership. With plans to launch a fully hosted archiving solution later this year, the company recently introduced new next-generation hardware for its appliance-based archiving solutions, allowing increases in processing power, memory and storage capacity – all in a smaller footprint to conserve data center space.

In addition, last quarter the email archiving pioneer launched its ArcMail Social archiving solution, the first of its kind for information governance of corporate social media data. The offering is designed to help organizations protect, organize and quickly retrieve valuable social media data.

ArcMail’s recently introduced Defender VM – designed to help IT managers optimize archiving in virtualized environments – is also now available and is offered in configurations ranging from 2 to 32 terabytes of archived storage.

Other popular ArcMail offerings include the ArcMail Guardian™, for reliable, secure and scalable archiving for hosted email platforms such as Google Apps™ Gmail and Office 365; and archiving solutions for™ Chatter™ and Microsoft SharePoint™. The company also offers the ArcMail Defender Cloud / Storage Gateway, a new breed of hybrid gateway technology that enables businesses to designate the files they want securely available at their fingertips at breakneck speeds, while also taking advantage of the datacenter cost savings that cloud storage allows.

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