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ArcMail Launches Defender VM Enterprise Information Archiving Solution for Virtualized Environments
Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 04:01:43 PM

Archiving Pioneer Addresses Explosive Growth of Virtual Computing with Virtual Archiving Appliance for e-Discovery, Compliance and Data Protection and Retention Applications.

Bossier City, La. – February 27, 2013 – Adding to its comprehensive enterprise information archiving (EIA) product lineup, ArcMail Technology, Inc. today announced ArcMail Defender VM, a virtual archiving appliance designed from the ground up for virtualized computing environments.

Now available, ArcMail Defender VM protects and organizes an organization’s most valuable data assets while ensuring instant access to information residing in virtual environments – from hardware, to software and the network.

“The explosive growth of virtualized computing has placed new demands on organizations to change the way they approach archiving, ” said Rory Welch, CEO of ArcMail. “With the Defender VM, businesses can ensure that their archiving strategy is on pace with their virtualization initiatives, fueling further efficiency in the datacenter -- while also gaining the peace of mind that their valuable data assets are always protected and within easy reach.”

According to industry data, as of 2012 server virtualization was hitting a penetration rate of up to 50 percent as businesses worldwide sought to take advantage of the cost and efficiency savings if offers. Small and midsize organizations, as well as larger businesses -- across every sector of industry -- are now making use of the technology.

Built with Flexibility and Scale in Mind

The new offering provides all the power, features and proven capabilities of ArcMail’s existing Defender product line. Built to integrate easily and securely with almost any email server and the most popular collaboration platforms, Defender VM offers comprehensive, enterprise-class archiving and search to support regulatory compliance, e-Discovery and data protection and retention requirements.

Supported data sources include Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps Mail, SharePoint files, Salesforce Chatter, Novell GroupWise and more.

“At ArcMail, we understand that customers’ archiving needs evolve, and that they most likely extend beyond a single email platform and encompass multiple data sources – from social media and email to collaboration platforms such as SharePoint,” said Welch. “The Defender VM was designed with this idea in mind.”

With Defender VM, all search data is stored on the virtual appliance for safe, fast and convenient access. Archived data is maintained on the customer’s destination of choice, whether it’s a VM instance, on local storage, such as a storage area network (SAN) or network- attached storage (NAS), or in a public or private cloud.

Built for scale and flexibility, the Defender VM also allows organizations to increase their archived storage – and change the location of that storage -- as needed. And if at any time the storage goes offline, the Defender VM is designed so that the archived data will be kept safely in the VM instance until online operation is restored.

Defender VM also expertly addresses security concerns: all archived data is encrypted and can only be un-encrypted by the Defender VM instance, allowing the utmost in data protection for even the most highly regulated industries.

ArcMail Continues to Keep Pace with Key Market Trends

ArcMail continues to demonstrate its industry leadership by capitalizing on key market trends with innovative products including an archiving solution for Microsoft SharePoint™; the ArcMail Guardian™, for reliable, secure and scalable Google Apps™ email archiving; and an archiving appliance for™ Chatter™, the real-time enterprise collaboration platform. The company also offers the ArcMail Defender Cloud Storage Gateway, a new breed of gateway technology that enables businesses to designate the files they want securely available at their fingertips at breakneck speeds, while also taking advantage of the datacenter cost savings that cloud storage allows.

Now available, Defender VM is offered in configurations ranging from 2-20 terabytes of archived storage, and is designed to be easy to install, deploy and maintain in a virtualized environment.

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